The EnSofic Ray Healings have huge impact on the brain and it is possible to anchor in a whole new worldview, positive affirmation and vision for the future into the brain using the holy energy of EnSofic Ray. In a similar way to the Bad Habit Removal where this session unwinds the energetic construct in the brain that has caused this negative pattern to take root in the brain in the first place, the Positive Affirmation Healing is anchored into the brain so a new seed can be planted and you can manifest a new version of your life.

Often this session is booked in combination with a Bad Habit Removal and it is highly recommended to follow a Bad Habit Removal with a Positive Affirmation Healing. This has a huge impact in your life! This can also be thought of as a Manifestation healing!

Think of your life as an artist’s canvas and before you lies the option to create the worldview you desire! Now you can literally anchor this into your brain and allow this to become a reality. What would you like to create in your life?

Booking for 1 session (in person): £150

Booking for Bad Habit Removal & Positive Affirmation Healing (in person): £200