The purpose of this healing is to totally energetically cleanse the system, including the chakras and layers of energy on the body. It redirects otherwise lost vibrations on the body by correcting the vibrational state of the body. It cleans out the “mind clutter”. It connects you in a Galactic way to all living things. Wonderfully cleansing and balancing, this healing is very calming and is especially helpful if you have been doing a lot of emotional release work. The Starseed Healing is excellent for anyone who is in the middle of a grieving process or an intense emotional process.

This healing is excellent if you have received the Galactic Activation (The Life Activation activates 90% of the blueprint, the Galactic Activation completes the last 10%) and supports the integration of this healing.

Investment: £150

Session length: 1 hour


I’ve had many wonderful and life enhancing experiences with Julia, from crystal readings to an array of healings. The most recent being the Starseed Healing which was such an incredible healing, felt like I was floating and dancing in the galaxies and even felt an energetic orgasm. Just delicious and truly an awakening of the passions that life holds.

Gente C, Freelance writer, Waterloo, Canada