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I had the privilege of interviewing Philipp Schardt … an Award-Winning Music Producer & Songwriter, visionary Sound Healing Artist and Guide & Teacher within the Modern Mystery School. Throughout his journey, he has reaped Gold and Platinum Awards, Music Award Nominations, and his music has been streamed over 85 million times.

Below are some extracts from this interview:

Julia Tiffin: Sound, frequency, and the fact that we are made of frequencies is a curiosity of mine. As someone considers the answer to the question ‘Who am I?’ –  how does sound relate to this?

Philipp Schardt: Well look at these quotes…

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.” Ludwig van Beethoven

“The highest goal of music is to connect the soul with its divine nature.” Pythagorus

“Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.” Plato

Julia Tiffin: That says it all!

Julia Tiffin: So, our voice is our instrument to create magick but it is also a reflection of our unique frequency, our Divine codes. How do you explore this, how do you make friends with your voice, your sound, your music, your frequency?

Philipp Schardt: Well you need to sing your heart song in every word! You need to start to love every sound that comes out of there. When you love it, you become conscious of it. Fall in love with your own voice!

Philipp Schardt: One of the best things is to sit and listen to the noises around you because first you need to listen and not fight what you are hearing. Then you can introduce your own voice and start to listen to your own voice. Start with humming. Enjoy doing this but don’t judge it: the humming will already bring you to your own vibration and if there is a truth in the non-judgement of your humming, it is like making love to our own system. We love ourselves by allowing this essence, this vibration to flow through us. This is so healing! Then you can start to open your mouth and do some vowels! Do some aaaaaa – that is heart opening!

Julia Tiffin: That is incredible and also because we use humming in the King Salomon Mind Region Healing Modality!

Philipp Schardt: Humming uses the letter m which is the Hebrew letter mem … Mem is one of the 3 Mothers and is water and the emotions. Here you are vibrating the ocean of the universe in front of you!

Julia Tiffin: Wow … Tell us more about the vowels …

Philipp Schardt: Each of the chakras is connected to a vowel ! The aaaaaaaahhhh is always good to use to open the heart.

Julia Tiffin: What is the impact of listening to music, what do you recommend for conscious listening?

Philipp Schardt: Be conscious of the lyrics that are spoken. That’s the one thing. It’s also good to know that when you listen to music that has no lyrics, it is like a whole-brain experience (otherwise it is more left side dominant) and it brings you into relaxation. It is also interesting that when you listen to music that has no drums or no beat, it is not so grounding and it is easier to elevate you out of the matrix – otherwise you are always connected to this ‘time’ thing which keeps the matrix together a bit. Of course, if you want grounding, listen to something with drums. 

Julia Tiffin: Talk to us about harmony – how is it important?

Philipp Schardt: It’s about harmony but it’s also about resonance: people are sometimes in harmony with disharmonic music (like metal) which is fascinating because it resonates with their frequency (perhaps they are angry with the world) that brings them into a sense of harmony! That is why people like really disturbing art as there is a resonance and you see yourself in the reflection, and it brings you into harmony as you see someone else like yourself. So, ‘I am seen, I am understood’.

Julia Tiffin: So is it like ‘I am seen’ and now ‘I am able to express these emotions and let them go’?

Philipp Schardt: Yeah! Who are we to judge any band that brings that person some joy?

Julia Tiffin: Is there anything else you would like to reflect on about music, sound and knowing ourselves?

Philipp Schardt: It is important to understand that every moment is a frequency, so every thought is a frequency, and, you want to bring that frequency into vibration. For instance, when you do Kabbalah, you want to feel in every moment what you desire in order to achieve it. If you don’t feel it, meaning the vibration is not there, it’s harder for you to change your structure to align to the frequency you desire. So basically, imagine your dream, then feel it in your body (that brings a vibration to your cells), and that will ripple out to the Universe and manifest in your life. So basically, see yourself as a song and with every word speak from that frequency of your desire as it will help to shift the outer vibration in your life!

I hope you enjoyed this snipped with Philipp Schardt, and get hold of him for a wealth of information about the power of sound… find out more about his sound & meditation events, and his sound courses to get to know YOU! Here is a link to his Spotify to enjoy his original music.

Key classes & sessions in the Modern Mystery School that can support you to know more about yourself is the Life Activation, Full Spirit Activation and Empower Thyself Class & Initiation. It is truely an exciting journey to get to know who you really are: your core frequency, your resonance, your power and find your true expression & purpose in the world!

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