The Power of Water

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WaterIn my life and at my transformational practice in Cape Town, I offer spring water that is collected from Newlands Spring.

There are sacred reasons behind why I provide this simple but important service.

In ancient Hermetic texts, it speaks about how light entered into our sector of the Universe thousands of years ago, and as it entered our domain, the light first encountered WATER. It was water that conducted this light that lead to the creation of our known world.

As we progress and grow in life, water is essential for:

1. Increasing your access to the divine flow of energy.

2. Being more in the flow of life and good energy.

3. Helping you to shift old energies out of your system and flow new energy into your being.

4. Staying positive

5. Supporting the vital life force energy to flow through your body.

Quality of drinking water is also key, and the quality of the spring water I collect has been documented to hold excellent properties. It still has the vital force of energy that is so essential for our body, mind and soul. This vital life force does, however, dissipate over time. There are a number of technologies to re-vitalise water and you may want to look at the use of orgonite as one of them and consider storing water in glass. It takes approximately 24 hours for water molecules to re-shape to the correct structure after being stored in plastic. The shape of the molecules affects how much the water can support you energetically! There are some amazing bottles made today that are embedded with Sacred Geometry and open sacred gates in our soul to make us more conscious and aware.

eau-emotoWater is very powerful in shaping our reality especially since we are approximately 60% water. The work of Dr Emoto has highlighted how responsive water is to good energy, and therefore the energy of water we drink is so important. Click here to see the power of words on water.

The connection between words, water and creation are strongly linked, and as we speak it is water that flows that energy to our entire body. If you want to transform your life, increase the use of positive words both in what you express to the world around you and in what you say to yourself. As you drink water, this will flow this goodness into your body and into your life.

Science today is confirming that 60% of your health depends on not just the water you drink, but the quality of water that you drink! For some interesting reading, look at ‘Your Body’s Many Cries For Water’ by Dr F Batmanghelidj. The author, a medical doctor, was sentenced to death in an Iranian prison, and he tried to assist many sick prisoners with nothing other than water to support them. He made incredible discoveries about how much proper hydration can cure many medical problems. Click here for more info.

Drinking plenty of water is KEY in:
  1. Optimal health
  2. Maintaining positive thoughts
  3. Creating a positive life

Research a local source of water near you. The following website will give you information that will help you to source a spring anywhere in the world

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Julia is a Modern Mystery School Speciality Teacher working globally to share ancient teachings to help you find your unique you & your navigational system within to live your most fulfilled life. She has trained since 2004 within the Modern Mystery School and specialises in the ancient arts of Healing & Sacred Geometry. She has a background as an international Fine Art photographer, exhibiting internationally and lecturing at tertiary institutions in South Africa.

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