What is the Spiritual Journey?

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What is the Spiritual Journey?

  • Unpacking the Spiritual Journey: What is it?
  • What goes into the suitcase?
  • What is the instant gratification syndrome, and how does it do injustice to the true Spiritual Journey?

luggage-2407144_960_720Unpacking the Spiritual Journey: What is it?

# 1 The Spiritual Journey is a journey of personal transformation in the pursuit of discovering your own true essence.

# 2 When you go on a Spiritual Journey, you need to know where you are going and where you are travelling through. You are travelling into the inner realms of the mind, and you will travel through a series of mazes to find the clarity you are looking for. These mazes may defy human logic, but they have a divine pattern or order to navigate you to where your soul wants to go. In navigating a sacred path within your mind, you are in fact climbing a stairway to have a closer relationship with God, the Creator, a Higher Power.

# 3 The world around you will reflect back to you where you are in alignment with your true essence and the principles of God, and where you are out of alignment with them. This means that your understanding of every aspect of your life: work, relationships, social life and more, will shift and you will now start seeing every area of your life as a mirror to understand something you need to learn about yourself.

# 4 You surrender to ‘God logic’, instead of ‘human logic’. This means surrendering to the alchemy of transformation that will impact all areas of your life. It means that you become willing to let go of old ideas, attitudes, concepts and things that hold you back. You become willing to do things that seem ridiculous but that you need to do as a result of a feeling deep within, despite all the arguments in your mind.

# 5 You understand that every experience in life, pleasant or unpleasant, is an opportunity to transform the ‘lead’ within you. Here the ‘lead’ is the negativity that you allow into your life from within you, and that stops the purity of your divine essence from shining through. You commit to yourself, to God and to your fellow man to allow the highest aspects of yourself to emerge and shine.

# 6 You realize that the Spiritual Journey is not just about you. Getting to know yourself and getting to know God is not a self centered exercise. It is through expressing your true essence and your special Divine qualities to others, and by being the good person you are, that you are serving your fellow man. And, it is through your good actions to others that you learn and see the clearest reflection of your own Divine Essence and true identity.

What goes into the suitcase?

When you get ready to travel on a spiritual journey, there are some necessary things to ‘pack’. These are mindsets you will need in order to have the stamina to walk the distance. Know that there are immense fruits lying at the end of a spiritual journey, and this will prepare your mind with certain qualities that are good to have in place.


  • Curiosity
  • Desire to explore
  • Awareness
  • Mindfulness
  • Sensitivity
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Kindness to self
  • Courage
  • Humility
  • Being open
  • A sense of humour
  • Patience
  • Trust

The Instant Gratification Syndrome

The “instant gratification syndrome” is something we have become accustomed to in the western world. It is the antithesis of the spiritual journey.

Looking at the history of photography when it used to take time to develop negatives and then acquire the perfect print, today it is snap, shoot, upload and send. The efficiency of modern technology has slipped into our consciousness, and with this many people are looking for this same kind of swiftness in personal transformation.

Without a doubt, there is a parallel between the swiftness of modern life and an acceleration of personal transformation. Our movement through time and space has accelerated and with that, the transformation of the physical and psychic fabric of life has accelerated.

However, there is an art to transformation and as any artist knows, a good piece of work is created from a combination of intense concentration, flashes of inspiration, application of physical action and passion. This results in an inspired work of art. There has been a theory in the art world that the time spent creating an artwork corresponds to the time the audience spends on appreciating the artwork. Whether this is true or not, anyone who wants to become good at their craft spends time developing that. And the art of transformation can be compared to the art of making good wine. It takes patience.

tumblr_m2qttr0q1B1qcdppeo1_500 copyThe culture of “instant gratification” has led to a lack of understanding of what the spiritual journey is.

In addition, there is no education that any of us receive at a young age as to what the map of a spiritual journey looks like. We learn about facts and information at school, not how to see life as a spiritual journey. Truthfully, whatever we do as a career should be a means to an end to discover our true essence and our own expression as a Divine Being. Our focus and understanding of why we are here is centred on the acquisition of things: degrees, jobs, careers, partners, technology, lifestyles. Our focus should not be on the acquisition of these things but rather the expression and discovery of who we are through these degrees, jobs, careers, partners, technology, lifestyles.

With this kind of attitude, we would see the physical life from the moment of our birth, as a spiritualSpiritual Transformation journey of exploration and discovery. And we would understand that there are many things to master and understand as we navigate this plane.

Being on a spiritual journey needs to be a way of life for everyone.

Know that there is a map of personal transformation, a way to navigate the human soul, and we can all find it within. Live your life every day as a spiritual journey and live your life in a state of wonder and magic.

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Note: I do recommend you find out more about how to navigate a spiritual journey successfully through a well established path of personal transformation. This is a speciality of The Modern Mystery School.

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