Creating order in your life

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The true order of things versus systems of control

We need to differentiate systems of control versus a system of true order. Being in alignment with ‘a true order’ creates the flow to live an authentically successful life. The systems of control that dominate our world and universal systems of order are vastly different phenomena but have become blurred today.

Firstly, let’s identify these systems of control that are currently overcrowding social media. These systems of control include:

  • Money
  • Politics
  • Health
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Culture
  • Finances
  • Government
  • Relationships
  • How we think
  • Food and resources
  • Self image & identity
  • How we spend our time
  • Sexual orientation & preferences

There is huge realisation around the level of control that our being has been subjected to. It is as if our body and soul have been subjected to a factory line and moulded to try to fit into a box of another’s creation.

What are the results of this?
  • Immense rage
  • Apathy
  • Depression
  • Frustration
  • Despair
  • Helplessness or a lack of direction
  • An aversion or ‘an allergy’ towards any kind system
  • Circuitous debate around every detail of the propaganda of these systems of control

Often this leads to assigning blaming to these systems for everything wrong in an individual’s life, transferring personal power to these systems of control entirely. This can lead to isolation, sometimes living a totally unstructured lifestyle, and a victim mentality.

What is true order versus systems of control?

Empowerment is not merely having knowledge and then putting on the breaks in life because you ‘know’ something does not work. Empowerment is not rejecting being fully engaged or functional in life.  Nor do we achieve much in endless debate or engaging in the New Age practice of ‘just being’.

Rather, someone who recognises that there are systems of control that do not serve humanity chooses to become a leader who shows a new direction for the evolution of man.

The total rejection of systems of control mitigates the importance of a divine order that organises reality in a way we can achieve something good in our lives.

A leader directs the flow of what is good for others and facilitates a system or an order that brings in good fruits.

These systems of true or divine order are vastly different from systems of control. A highly structured divine order exists in the Universe, and we need to understand the importance of attaining alignment to a system of divine order.

Within the divine realms, there is significant structure. In fact, the ‘Hierarchy of Light’, a term used to describe the collective forces of light & divinity, is not a wishy-washy collection of ‘love and light’ but a highly organised machine to facilitate the true order of light. This ‘true order of light’ brings good and beauty in life. There is not only mercy and softness but also strength and structure.

This means that besides love, beauty, kindness and compassion, there are energies of self-moderation, constraint, discipline, strength, application of will and structure.

These are in fact part of the divine construct and are intrinsic to a plan that brings man to a good place in life.

The more you choose to bring good and beauty into your life, the more you choose order.

That which is good and beautiful does not apply only to acquiring a nice piece of furniture, buying a beautiful dress or sculpting your body into a beautiful form.

It applies most importantly to:

  • how you think
  • your actions
  • your behaviours
  • your attitudes
  • how you treat people
  • how you speak to people

It applies to a new way your mind functions and operates.

What happens when you start living according to patterns of divine order:

  • As you align yourself with divine order, you prune the choices you make and live an increasingly structured life! This brings goodness into your life, and this is essential to reach the goals you desire.
  • When you direct your life in more monitored ways, you now have to choose more consciously what you allow first in your mind. You have to choose what thoughts you choose to act upon, and thereby choose the tone to direct your day.
  • You become the director of your thoughts, and from your thoughts you direct the expression of your life. You take charge and are in the driver’s seat.
  • When you are dealing with a slew of negative self-talk, you can choose to take actions that are positive despite this. This will support your mind within as you change your outer physical world. So observe the negative inner thoughts you have, and take positive actions anyway!
  • Shift your mind and be of service to another: serving another who needs help, without any personal gain, is the highest pattern of divine order to come into alignment with that which is good for you (despite the poisoned thoughts you may be dealing with).

Some of the things you can do to create order straight away:

  • The more you recognise your patterns of negative thought, the more you can realise the power of them. Then you can take action & decide if you are going to allow these thoughts to rule you.
  • Meditation is a good tool to learn how to manage the influence negative thoughts have over you and to take charge of your mind. I recommend a particular meditation practice that teaches you how to quieten the busy western mind. It is called Max Meditation System™. Max Meditation System™ teaches you both how to empty the mind and then how to re-charge it with positive energy. “Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leaves you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.” Siddartha the Buddha
  • Identify where you do things that are not good for you. This is how you can know where it is you ‘resist’ divine order around you. Know what actions you take lead you down a negative path.
  • Find alternative behaviours, actions, patterns to replace old actions. For instance, if you know that going to the bar after work is not good for you, find something else to do that you would enjoy instead: take up a boxing class, go for a dance lesson, go for a walk.
  • Service: do something good for someone without expecting anything in return. Maybe you help your grandparents with their shopping or help an elderly person who is struggling in the shops, make a child laugh, feed a homeless animal, buy a loaf of bread for someone without food. Find something good to do, and serve people. This is the single most powerful thing to change your life.

Tackle all of these steps, one step at a time, take small steps and keep going. And keep going. Don’t give up. One step at a time. And change the pattern of your life.

What will this create for you:

      1. New patterning in your mind that seeks good rather than the programming in your mind that poisons you.
      2. The correct flow to bring what you want in your life.
      3. A lightness of being
      4. Goodness
      5. Beauty
      6. Joy
      7. And the list goes on…

As you reap, so shall you sow:

Become a good person, lead a life of doing what produces good and beauty for yourself and for others. For too long, we have caved into the status quo and negative actions that have become normal: stabbing a fellow colleague in the back to get ahead, blaming others for your situation instead of finding solutions …

It is time to become your best person and to monitor your thoughts and actions in order to re-direct what you have created. In so doing, you come into alignment with true, divine order!

Imagine if we all do this … what would be possible to co-create together.

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