Reminders about working with Your Personal Angels

  • The biggest thing you need to remember is that you are not alone!
  • There is a vast field of energy around you that supports you and sends you the energy you need to achieve your heart’s desires.
  • Within this field of energy is a team of beings known as Angels and they are available for you to build a deeper relationship with them, and in this way, they can serve and co-partner with you in a significantly improved way. Their purpose is to serve humanity.
  • All you need to do is reach out to the Angels and they are there to support you: Ask and ye shall receive!
  • The key aspects of building a relationship with the Angels are parallel to The Three Principles of Prayer:
                  1. Communication
                  2. Asking for Help
                  3. Expressing Gratitude
  • Remember to bring these 3 aspects into your life daily as you develop this relationship!
  • Do this daily, find a personal rhythm in your relationship with the Angels, and keep building on this as part of your daily practice. You will feel supported and in the flow of magick all around you!
  • Building a relationship is one day at a time!

Some further tips for developing your personal relationship with your Angelic team:

  • Know that they have been anthropomorphized by religions over the years, meaning that humans have interpreted what they look like and how they appear using human characteristics.
  • Instead of seeking to see them as you have understood them to appear, it might be easier to think of them as fields of energy that enhance your own frequency, supporting you to achieve what is in your heart and to find your deepest joys.
  • As a gift to you, I have a document you can read here called ‘Angels in History – An Uncommon Guide to Your Angelic Coaches’ which gives you a good idea about how mankind has interpreted Angels in history. This excerpt is based on a book about the Angels by Manly P. Hall and covers the various explanations of the Angels by:
          • Western & Eastern Christianity
          • The Etruscans & Romans
          • The Essenes
          • Judaism & Kabbalah
          • Zoroastrians, Persians & Islam
          • Buddhism
          • Siam (Thailand)
          • Korea & India
  • Know that your perception of them is unique and is true for you. From this excerpt, it is clear that the Angels have been interpreted differently (but with similar themes) by different cultures, religions, and spiritual traditions!
  • It is a personal journey to develop how you sense your Angels, how you communicate, how you get feedback, and how you see and hear them, but the most important connection is following the ‘urges’, impulses, and inner knowing you get to take action on something. This is a key way that Angels give you guidance about something. Do know that you may experience resistance to these urges, but the (sometimes crazy) impulses are based always on goodness. Overcoming your resistance will forge the path towards increased joy in your life: these “urges” are like bread crumbs or secret clues leading you on a treasure hunt of discovery and revelation! Each action you know you must take, will teach you many things in life and bring you wisdom and understanding.
  • Your connectedness to them increases over time, but it starts with the daily practice of building a relationship, and then you can embrace the Path of Initiation, with further Activations (Life Activation, Spirit Activation & the Galactic Activation) and training of your psychic abilities that will keep enhancing your connection to all the unseen worlds, including the unseen magick that lies within you, as YOU are the greatest mystery of all that is waiting to be revealed!

Link to information about Your Personal Angel Reading.