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Colours are like medicine … medicine for the soul!

In the Doctrine of Signatures plants have been categorised according to their unique signature or shape that corresponds visually to specific body parts; these plants then heal those same parts of the body. Furthermore, it is thought that in the very act of seeing a red apple on a tree, the body ‘eats’ the colour red through the eyes and receives nourishment from that!

Colours feed the body AND the soul, and open your soul (the vehicle that helps you access who you are), your creativity, your life force energy and your passion. Each colour is a different medicine and, just as you need different homoeopathic medicines for different conditions, you need to work with colours as medicine for your soul and, you need to explore them … liberally!

So, what colours are you needing and why?

Every colour has a purpose, unique energy, and can unlock something in you … Each colour means something different, for you.

Colours have a tremendous impact on all aspects of your being and, in fact, the very Tree of Life, that is available through the study of Kabbalah to give you the map to who you are, works with different colours. The colours on the Tree of Life itself function as keys to unlock aspects of your soul!

In answering the question, Who am I? you might be looking at words, phrases, action statements, different archetypes you work with … but what if someone were to ask you: What colour are you? And then … What combination of colours are you?

In the ancient question of Who am I? as you quest to really know yourself, you need to understand you are an instrument of creation: perhaps a musical instrument that plays unique sounds or a paintbrush that can wield colours on a canvas. It is useful to think of yourself in this way, as you can understand your ‘colours’ better when you work with other people – what blends and what clashes? Just as when you paint and explore colours that blend and contrast on a page, this is what happens when you interact with people – it is as if your interactions with people are painting an image every day! Do you need to understand how to work with the different shades of your colours to better harmonise with people? Do you need to access alternate colours of your essence when working with different people to produce something positive between you?

In the dance of getting to Know Thyself, a key part of that is learning who you are through the reflection of others (something you start living deeply after the Empower Thyself Class & Initiation), so thinking of yourself as a palette of colours painting pictures with other humans in each interaction is another way to start learning who you are. This will help you to understand the magick you can make with people as you consider how people’s different colour spectrums that embody who they are, work with your unique colour palette!

This is just the beginning!

Just for this week … consider colours:

  1. As you walk around your neighbourhood
  2. When you go shopping
  3. When you choose what colours to wear
  4. When you eat certain colours

  • What colours DO you need to eat?
  • What colours are missing in your wardrobe and in your home?
  • What do different colours do for you?
  • What places would you love to travel to? Look at the colours of the land, the plants, the spaces – what do those colours do for you?

There have been predictions of AI homes where, as you walk into a space, the room will know what mood you are in, and the walls will change colour to help you shift that emotional state. So, colours are indeed medicine and can shift you, heal you and awaken parts of you!

Let’s look at the different spectrum of colours:










Consider keeping a journal with you for the next while and note down the impact of these colours on you – it is important you explore your own ‘science of colours’ and learn what they do for you! So explore the medicine cabinet of colour this week, and keep your eyes open to what colours you need, and what colours you cannot live without. The colours you cannot live without may be secret clues to the age-old question of Know Thyself!

And if you need to open yourself more to the experience of colours and learning about yourself, consider the Spiritual Intuition class, the Full Spirit Activation, Empower Thyself Class & Initiation, Know Thyself Class & Initiation and creatives classes with Julia designed to know yourself through ART!

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Julia is a Modern Mystery School Speciality Teacher working globally to share ancient teachings to help you find your unique you & your navigational system within to live your most fulfilled life. She has trained since 2004 within the Modern Mystery School and specialises in the ancient arts of Healing & Sacred Geometry. She has a background as an international Fine Art photographer, exhibiting internationally and lecturing at tertiary institutions in South Africa.

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