There is magick all around us – lets start with a tree!

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There is magick all around us!

Do you remember the state of wonder you had as a child? I remember sitting in Empower Thyself many years ago, and as hidden mysteries were being revealed (these are not things you can read about in books), it was as if I was falling down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. My head was chiming ‘It is true, there really IS a magickal world behind this ordinary one’.

Since then many of the movies purporting hidden realities have held real truth for me; these have been obscured before our very eyes: Harry Potter, Narnia, The Matrix, Dr Strange and more. The more teachings I have received, the more this has become a real part of my life where I live surrounded by magick. 

There are symbols, hidden information, signs and messages everywhere; these point us towards more, guide us to discover who we are, how we can fulfil a greater purpose here and find our way to living life alive.

Once you lift the veil from the mundane, your world will never be the same. This has been my experience through years of study with the Modern Mystery School, whether it be Shamanism, Alchemy, Hermetics, Esoterics, Astrology, the Path of the Warrior, the Path of the Healer or Kabbalah.

Shamanism is the oldest way to connect to your inner self and to understand the world around you. Plants, animals, earth, water, air, fire and the magickal beings in nature are constantly sending us messages, and we can learn to decrypt what the Universe is communicating to us.

It’s interesting how in Shamanic traditions, there is always a tree that is sacred in this path. Often in fairytales and ancient fables, it is a tree that acts as some sort of gateway to access another dimension.

One of the most famous trees is the Yggdrasil, the tree where the Viking God Odin, was hanging upside down for 9 days and received the magick of the Runes. In Europe we have our very own Celtic Tree – where this tree is also believed to be a gateway for man. Both the Viking and Celtic mysticism have roots in Shamanism. However if one looks deeper into different cultures & traditions of spirituality, there is often a sacred tree there too. On the outside of a Mosque, the only symbol allowed is a tree, and there are many Hindu art pieces featuring a tree, to name just a few. These trees really refer to The Tree of Life: the pattern that unlocks the greatest mysteries of who you are, what you are, where you come from, where you are going and your purpose.

In Kabbalah, the study of the Tree of Life is central to the deeper mysteries. The word Kabbalah means to receive and it reveals hidden mysteries through this glyph that is called The Tree of Life. The sacred geometrical symbol / glyph holds and conveys hidden mysteries about life but most importantly about who you really are.

Here the Tree of Life gives you focussed access to the structure or system for success in life – it could be called the Instruction Manual for Life – and how to work with the Tree of Life to manifest reality. This glyph is connected to trees, smells, crystals, body parts, creativity, emotional and mental states, plants, magickal beings, angels, Archangels, sounds, male and female energies, and more. It pretty much connects to all aspects of physical life so that when the glyph is awakened in the 10-month Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah Ascension program, signs, messages, and revelations happen within the flow of daily life. This makes life anything but ‘everyday’, every day becomes magickal and potent with growth, joy, awareness and forward movement towards what you want to manifest.

The Tree of Life has manifested in so many ways around us, from the innocent game of Hopscotch that works with the glyph of the Tree of Life, to the symbolism of trees in so many cultures – references to this Tree of Life are everywhere. Don’t be fooled by a symbol that looks innocent and ordinary, when it actually holds the weave to understand who you really are.

Have you noticed the Trees around you today? Is there a forest calling you to it, perhaps there are messages for your soul that you are ready to receive. Yes, ancient physical trees themselves are keepers of wisdom. You can learn more about this in the curious class called The Twelve Races of Earth. Recently I was called to a 1000 year old ancient woodland in the United Kingdom called Belfairs Wood. Beings more ancient that I can imagine connected me to messages my soul was yearning to hear (see photos on the left).

If you are wanting to be more alive to the world around you, consider a Life Activation as everything starts there, opening the hidden potential within you! Next stop Empower Thyself really opens your path so you are on track with your mission, and opens you to receiving so much more! Let’s unveil the greatest mystery you’ve been waiting for! YOU!

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Julia is a Modern Mystery School Speciality Teacher working globally to share ancient teachings to help you find your unique you & your navigational system within to live your most fulfilled life. She has trained since 2004 within the Modern Mystery School and specialises in the ancient arts of Healing & Sacred Geometry. She has a background as an international Fine Art photographer, exhibiting internationally and lecturing at tertiary institutions in South Africa.

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