Aftercare for The Life Activation

Congratulations on taking this step!

  • The journey after the activation has various faces and phases.
  • At first, you may not notice any difference, but after a month, 3 months or 6 months, you will then realize you’ve made many small changes that have added up and you are now in a completely renewed place in life.
  • Generally, people find they understand the journey in retrospect or looking back over time since they had the Life Activation.
  • Don’t be surprised if you experience a ‘detox’ (emotional or physical) many months after the activation (it may show up as the common ‘flu’ or cold).
  • Or, you may experience a succession of rapid changes and detox either before or after the session!
  • Each person starts this journey at a different place in their life, and because of your unique pattern of DNA, the way the journey unfolds follows a unique path with a Divine intelligence best suited to you. The Life Activation meets you where you are in life (in a good or not so good place), and moves you forwards at an accelerated pace to a superior place!


The articles below will help you to understand the process more deeply and remind you what you have just done, as it’s easy to be sucked into the normality of life, and forget this process. The Life Activation, however, will not forget you, and will keep on working behind the scenes.

  1. Transformation, Alchemy & Quantum Leaps:
    • A resource you might want to tap into, to help you understand something more about a real transformational journey, is this article I have written, Transformation, Alchemy & Quantum Leaps.
    • What this article explains is that when we put our hearts, minds and souls through the Alchemical process, we clean up the ‘dross’ or heavy emotional past and mental beliefs that keep us negative and heavy. As we journey through this entire process, we clean this heaviness inside us, and that process unpeels layers that reveal ‘the gold within’. The gold in the human context is the true essence or true identity of a human and there we find pure joy!
  2. Life Activation:
    • This article gives you an overview of the history of the Life Activation, how it works and what it does. You may want to start with this article, simply called Life Activation.
    • An extract from the article:

The process may be likened to a tile game where you move many pieces around on the board in a seeming disorder but at the end, everything is reformulated into a perfect pattern. The process is also reminiscent of the geometries and designs in the Universe that seem to collide in an irrational pattern but yet formulate into a perfect form. This process is constructive and positive and moves you through your obstacles using what we call ‘God logic’, where previously your own human logic may have failed you in making progress.

The Life Activation can be described as a light shining into a dark corner. It makes visible what was hidden in the shadows, but more than that, it gives you the ability to work through what you see. This is an empowering experience!


Below are some of the experiences that are common for people to experience after the activation which includes both positive changes and challenges that can come up. Challenges are not negative: think of them as opportunities to move through something which can dissolve the “glue” that has kept you rigid in some way ~ maybe some ‘stuckness’ in how you think, in an attitude, maybe in a behaviourial pattern, in an unsupportive relationship that you are holding onto, or a career path that is less than positive for you.

EASIER    Life is smoother, things seem easier, and things that used to bother you, don’t bother you as much.

CHALLENGING   Life can become a lot more intense, and those old patterns (relationships, behaviours, work) that simply are not in alignment with you right now get more difficult, urging you to re-look these and make adjustments. As you resist looking at those things that may need to be changed, you can go through a longer emotional crisis. Just hang in there, change is on the horizon, and it will be for the best. Be brave, and move towards what is good for you.

EASIER   Your next steps seem clearer and more obvious.

CHALLENGING   Old emotions start surfacing, and you start experiencing emotions that are not even related to your day. These emotions are old, and have been stored inside you, and must now be released. Simply allow the old emotions to move through you. Old emotions that must go & that you have locked away will eventually be shifted through this process, and the clouds will part, but this time leading you to a much better place in your life.

EASIER   Life is more joyful: you may feel a depression/cloud ease and shift. You feel more positive and hopeful about your life.

EASIER    Good opportunities come your way, leading you to shift the physical circumstances of your life.

EASIER    You start taking actions that bring you to a different experience of your life.

CHALLENGING   More questions about yourself and what you are capable of doing may surface.

EASIER OR CHALLENGING    Sleep patterns may change immediately after the activation: you may either need much more sleep (for mental, emotional & physical healing) or have much more physical energy and need less sleep.


    • Allow the process to unfold, it can be frustrating to try to notice how this is working on a daily level.
    • DO take stock after each month after the activation to assess how you are feeling. Do this each month for a year or two to see what has shifted.
    • Reflect on where you were a month, 3 months, 6 months, a year, depending on when you had the activation:
        1. to see what behaviourial changes you might have made
        2. what attitudes might have shifted
        3. what mental patterns might have changed
        4. and how your physical life has shifted (have you moved, changed jobs, shifted in relationships)
    • REMINDER: Please do reach out to me and ask questions. I am a Guide in this process.


  1. Take the Purificato & Crystalis after the activation
    • Use the Morning Sprays and the Evening Sprays in the morning & evening respectively
      • 3 sprays on the crown
      • 1 spray at the front of the 3rd eye
      • 1 spray at the back of the 3rd eye
      • Optional: 1 spray into the aura for the 6th spray
    • This is a spagyric alchemical formulation that raises your frequency, allows you to see life from a higher perspective and elevates your mind to new possibilities while you are experiencing shifts from the activation.
    • The sprays help you to integrate the Life Activation into your body, soul and spirit.
    • It also smoothes out and supports the physical and emotional detox process as you are letting go of old patterns and beliefs from your DNA.
    • The morning spray works on shifting your personal limitations & any physical debris (viral patterns and so on) in your DNA & the evening spray works on shifting ancestral patterns.
    • Keep away from direct sunlight
    • Keep using it until both bottles are complete – they should last at least one month – and if you would like to continue with the sprays, you are welcome to order more.
  2. Breathing
    • Taking in 10 breaths as described below will help the light to flow into your DNA
    • Take 10 breaths where, with each breath, you breathe in for a count of 3 or 4, hold your breath & then exhale for a count of 3 or 4. Do this 10 times.
    • You can do this anytime you want to do this.
  3. Salt baths are excellent to help old emotions & energies move out of your system
    • Recommended is a salt bath that consists of either salt or rock (mountain) salt OR 50:50 Epsom Salts : Rock / Sea Salt (not table salt!).
    • Place approximately half a cup of salt in a warm bath (not too hot) where you soak for a minimum of 20 mins.
    • If you have time to soak longer, that is also great!
    • I recommend showering first (using soaps etc.) and then using the bath purely to soak in and to shift energies in your energy field and body.
  4. Drink water to support the Activation
    • This may seem very simple, and yes it is!
    • 60% of physical health is based on water consumption as well as drinking good quality water.
    • Metaphysically water helps to flow light into the body and is very helpful in the integration of the Life Activation.
    • You may want to increase the water you drink on a daily basis and then look at the quality of water you drink.
    • Quantity and quality of water makes a big difference to your body both physically and spiritually.
  5. Follow general guidelines for looking after your health
    • The success of the Life Activation is not dependant on physical health care, but it shows your commitment to you, and as you start caring more deeply for your health and well-being, the increased commitment you make to you accelerates your growth.
  6. Keep a journal
    • This is optional and may be something you want to do to keep track of the changes in your life and how you feel about life!


If you start wanting to experience more and have more questions about what you can do, these are some of the things you may want to consider. The order is variable for each person:

I look forward to always keeping a door open for you to access more tools for finding you, your joy & your life purpose …

Once the Life Activation has opened a door, it can make you aware that you need to keep on moving forward to discover more and more of the hidden potential that lies within. I am here to Guide you on that!

And to remind you of the basics of the Life Activation, click here for the original website link you received!

With love